Celebrating Brigid Derry’s Innovative Solutions in Customs Clearance

Brigid Derry, CEO of Digicom Customs Clearance

Our CEO Brigid Derry has spent her career simplifying complex shipping processes. When Brexit complicated trade in 2016, Brigid saw an opportunity to help. She knew customs clearance had become an extremely manual process for traders navigating new regulations. The tedious form filing across systems was resulting in substantial losses of time and money.

Driven to ease this burden, Brigid used her logistics expertise to create an innovative solution. In 2021, she launched Digicom – a pioneering digital customs clearance platform.

Digicom consolidates all the cumbersome paperwork and data into one streamlined system. It populates forms automatically, saving traders significant time and frustration. By designing and optimising customs this way, Digicom provides major cost and efficiency benefits for countless businesses of all sizes.

Brigid continues to establish Digicom’s reputation globally, forging partnerships and showcasing the platform at major trade events such as Multimodal, Transport Logistic Munich, Fruit Logistica, and Translogistica Poland. Her perseverance and drive to do so strengthen Digicom’s goal of becoming a leading comprehensive customs platform guiding trade into the digital age.

Under Brigid’s leadership, Digicom has only just begun revolutionising global trade. She reminds us that with perseverance and compassion, entrepreneurs can build solutions that uplift entire industries. So, this Entrepreneurs’ Day, we celebrate Brigid’s talents and anticipate the extraordinary innovations yet to come!

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