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Digicom offers a distinctive and comprehensive platform that consolidates all customs clearance solutions into a single space, providing you with a unique experience. Along with our services, we offer an impressive white label system which can be tailored to align with your specific needs and objectives. Ensure that both your customers and staff benefit from a streamlined, efficient, and professional system.

We firmly believe that with the right team supporting you, anything is possible. At Digicom, we are committed to empowering our clients and helping them achieve the rewards they rightfully deserve.

Explore our range of services below and discover how Digicom can transform your customs clearance processes for the better.

Easily handle customs clearance for imports and exports between Ireland and Great Britain using our user-friendly online platform. Connect seamlessly with HMRC, Irish Revenue, and CDS (Customs Declaration Service) for efficient customs processing.

Guarantee the safety and security of goods during transportation from GB to ROI, GB to NI, and GB to EU. Fulfil all essential requirements for seamless and secure transportation, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Submit the necessary documentation for smooth customs procedures when exiting the United Kingdom and entering or exiting a port in the European Union.

As a crucial component of the Safety and Security Declaration, the Exit Summary Declaration (EXS) works in conjunction with the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to facilitate a seamless transition through customs, both for departure from the UK and arrival at EU ports.

Ensure compliance and streamline your cross-border movements with our comprehensive customs clearance services.

The Trader Support Service (TSS) was established by HMRC on January 1, 2021, to assist companies in fulfilling the new legal requirement of completing customs declarations for goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

These declarations are necessary to account for any potential customs duty and Import VAT that may be applicable to goods considered “at risk” of being diverted from Northern Ireland into the European Union.

Under the TSS, there is a two-stage declaration process:

  1. Initial Declaration: The haulier or carrier of the goods submits an initial declaration to the TSS.

  2. Supplementary Declarations: The importer accesses the TSS platform using their TSS login details and completes the Supplementary Declarations by the 4th working day of the following month after entry.

By utilizing the TSS and complying with these declaration procedures, companies can effectively manage their customs obligations and ensure smooth movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Our online platform provides T1 and T2 transit document services.

A transit document is essential for allowing goods to pass through a specific area in transit, without duty payments, using various procedures.

External Transit (T1): Typically applicable to goods originating from outside the European Union (EU). When goods are transported under a T1 document, payment of duties and taxes is deferred until the goods reach their destination and undergo customs clearance.

Internal Transit (T2): Generally applies to goods originating from within the EU. T2 transit documents are used when goods from Europe are transported through non-EU countries.

By directly connecting to Traces NT and IPAFFS through our platform, you can effortlessly create CHEDS and IPAFFS clearances, streamlining the process for your SPS regulated products. This includes the utilization of EHCs, which are essential certificates for exporting goods that meet sanitary and phytosanitary requirements.

IPAFFS – Import of Products, Animals, Food, and Feed System

CHEDS – Common Health Entry Document

TRACES – Trade Control and Expert System

EHCs – Export Health Certificates

Comply with GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) by acquiring the essential GMRs (Goods Movement Records) for goods transiting through connected ports. Guarantee seamless transportation between Great Britain (GB) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) by fulfilling the mandatory PBNs (Pre-Boarding Notifications).

The Digicom platform seamlessly connects with over 28 port badges, allowing you to efficiently move your goods across various ports. Some of the ports included in our network are:

Harwich | Hull | Immingham | Killingholme | Boston | Goole | Grimsby | Gunness | Flixborough | Barrow | Haven | Keadby | Howden | Groveport | London Gateway | Tilbury | Chatham | Dover | Poole | Southampton | Belfast | Manchester | Leeds | Plymouth | Portsmouth

By leveraging our platform’s integration with these ports, you can effectively manage and track the movement of your goods, ensuring smooth logistics operations and streamlined supply chain management.

Onward supply relief provides an opportunity for VAT registered importers in the UK to seek exemption from import VAT on goods imported into Northern Ireland.

This relief applies specifically to goods that will be utilised to make a zero-rated supply to a VAT registered individual or entity in another European Union (EU) country.

It’s important to note that this relief does not extend to customs duty.

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